About Testimonials and Reviews

The following testimonials are provided by former clients who have written unsolicited reviews or by colleagues who have experienced my work through professional consultation groups and trainings.

Please note that I never solicit testimonials or reviews from clients. Doing so would be considered a misuse of the therapy relationship and is unethical according to the ethics codes of all mental health professions. I take the confidentiality of my clients extremely seriously. 

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Something wonderful always happens when I come out of my sessions with Alexis; more courage, more engagement, more drive. Thank you!
— Client
Alexis has a very warm and caring presence, and her therapy style targets the whole being. I had the good fortune of working with her as a part of my Somatic Experiencing training. The session I had with her was a break through for me in letting go of some beliefs that I still carried with me as a result of an old harmful relationship. During our session, I could feel my body releasing the stress that came with these beliefs. While it was intense and very efficient work, I never felt alone or overwhelmed in the process. Alexis was right there with me in a very supportive way.
— Jyoti K., MFT Intern
Alexis is one of the most gifted therapists I know. She has all of the qualities a person could want in a therapist: compassion, empathy, keen insight, a strong intuitive sense, tenderness, and good humor. I always come away feeling quite enriched after any interaction I have the privilege to have had with her. The sessions I have had with her have left me feeling more whole, with an enhanced sense of well-being.
— Patrick Norton, Ph.D.
Alexis is one of those people that passes my highest test: ‘Would I send my daughter to her?’ She has a very warm and caring air about her wrapped in solid skills and professional demeanor. She is one of those people who is good at reading the autonomic nervous system and emotions, and I would imagine most of her clients feel very ‘gotten’ by her. I give Alexis my unconditional thumbs up.
— Neal Winblad, LMFT
I would recommend anyone with a need to re-frame or move forward, contact Alexis. I found her as a conduit to giving me more confidence, both in my decisions and my creative endeavors. She is a passionate, caring individual and a very good therapist!
— S.G. - Former Client
What strikes me most about my sessions with Alexis Stricker is the immediate safety I feel when she is supporting me. I feel deeply held in our sessions and it allows me to go to places I never would with other practitioners. She is a practitioner who offers genuine care and skillful guidance, all with a big heart. Can’t recommend her enough!
— Juna Mustad, Intuitive & Life Coach, www.JunaMustad.com
Alexis guided me through awareness building techniques that I have never had with more traditional psychotherapists who typically just listen and nod their heads. Alexis was very interactive but always maintained a calm, relaxed tone which created a safe, peaceful environment allowing me to open up more than I had done with other traditional therapists. I cannot thank her enough for her amazing work, and I would highly recommend her to all my family, friends and anyone who is looking to take care of themselves in a mind/body and fundamentally holistic manner.
— D. C. - Former Client
Since sharing the transformative Somatic Experiencing Training, Alexis Stricker has been my valuable and trusted colleague. Alexis embodies an openness, clarity of presence and courageous vulnerability in being with her own true self and the true selves of others. Being in a session with Alexis, I felt safe, wholly seen, and met— on solid ground. Alexis’ heartfelt simplicity, kindness and clear seeing allows for settling into a trusted, healing relationship with freedom to playfully explore. I have not and would not hesitate to refer clients to Alexis’ care.
— Mary Scheib RN FNP MSN SEP, Family Nurse Practitioner and Somatic Experiencing–Trauma Resolution Practitioner